Car Sofa Dry Cleaner in Jaipur Business Listing in Rajasthan

Considering the amount of time we spend on our sofas it is normal we will stain them with all possible types of stains. Breadcrumbs and coins that get lost in the sofa are really the least of our problems we you think of all those stains.

Leather sofas require some special cleaning techniques if we would like to keep them shiny and looking as new as the day we brought them home. Unfortunately we cannot rely on a single advice because there are many different types of stains and each of them may require a different kind of cleaner and cleaning procedure.

Considering your sofa is most likely made of finished leather, we will focus on that type. Most grime will come off by just rubbing it gently with a damp, soft rag and a bit of soap. Remember to dry it with a clean dry cloth in the end and perhaps even applying a deep conditioning formula to the leather.

Always be careful when you decide to go with something stronger than regular soap because it may damage the leather and you will end up with a changed colour on that part of your leather sofa. of testing whether a cleaner will work out well is by applying it first to a hidden part of the sofa. If it turns out that it did not damage it, it is safe to use it on the more visible parts.

You must take the same procedure even if you bought a cleaner that is supposed to be leather friendly. You never know whether it was tested on your type of leather or not, so it is best to be extra careful and double check instead of regretting it later.